Abdi Aden speaks of being a Somali teenage refugee.

Abdi Aden

Author, youth worker, former teenage refugee.

“When I was 13 years old, the war in Somalia started… I landed in Melbourne, 15 years old, and I felt like I was 50”

Speaker: Abdi Aden

Date: 18th May, 2017

Description: Abdi Aden speaks with a small group of students, about his experience of the Somali war, and his arrival in Melbourne as a teenage Somali refugee.

Abdi is the author of Shining: The Story of a Lucky Man


About Abdi

Abdi spent many years as a Youth Worker. His postgraduate qualifications are in adolescent mental health. Abdi is passionate about young people, justice, and education. He is married to the daughter of British immigrants and has three young sons.

Abdi was involved with the Australian television series ‘Go back to where you came from’, and is a strong advocate for the eradication of racial discrimination.

“At night time all the animals come out, and they’re running away from war themselves”.

‘Genuine’ is the way to go…

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