Museum in a Box – WWI

Speaker: Andrew Turnbull

Date: 20th April, 2017

Description: We sent off for a Memorial Museum in a Box – Australians in WWI, from the Australian War Museum. Listen as teacher (and War History aficionado), Andrew Turnbull, takes students on a journey through the box – describing the significance and purpose of each item.

Memorial Boxes

Memorial Boxes are available across Australia.

“Filled with real and replica uniforms, equipment and artefacts, this resource will transport you back 100 years to the most traumatic time in our nation’s history: when 330,000 Australians set sail from our shores and 61,514 never returned home.”

For further information on booking a Memorial Box, contact the agent in your state or territory, or visit the information page of the Australian War Museum website.

Other types of Museums in boxes?

If you are interested in the concept of a Museum in a Box, check out the Australian Museum’s Museum in a Box service, which covers a range of subject areas:

Austrailan Museum


Museum in a Box is an exciting outreach program for educational institutions across Australia. There are over 30 different boxes containing real museum specimens, casts, artefacts, dioramas, images, DVDs, CDs, books and resources.

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